Heavy Metal Band’s Name Etymologies

Heavy Metal Band’s Name Etymologies AC/DC Malcolm and Angus Young developed the idea for the band’s name after their sister seeing “AC/DC” on an electric sewing machine,” why not AC/DC”. Misfits The band was named after a motion picture released in 1961 entitled The Misfits. The Misfits’ skull logo was derived from the villain of […]

The Black Sabbath Stories That Have Never Been Told Revealed In Krusher’s New Book

The Black Sabbath Stories In Krusher’s New Book   Legendary compere, presenter, artist and broadcaster and more Stephen ‘Krusher’ Joule’s new book, ‘After Forever: The Inside Story Of Black Sabbath’s Greatest Tour’, is available now at Amazon on Kindle. ‘After Forever…’ is a monument in Metal. When the founding fathers, Black Sabbath, went on their greatest […]

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath   Black Sabbath is the debut album by the English rock band Black Sabbath. Released on 13 February 1970 in the United Kingdom and on 1 June 1970 in the United States, the album reached number eight on the UK Albums Charts and number 23 on the Billboard charts. Although […]