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Burn Down Eden

Burn Down Eden

Name: Burn Down EdenBased in: Berlin, GermanyFormed: 2014Style Melodic Death Metal (containing thrash,black and technical nuances)Label: Sliptrick Records/7Hard Forst, a city lost deep in the german hinterland on the border with  Poland, lays heavily infested with heroin, crystal meth and the living  dead. It’s hardly suprising that Tom, Jules & William wanted to leave  the […]

Metallica – Metallica

Metallica (commonly known as The Black Album) is the fifth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica released on August 12, 1991. Track listing All lyrics written by James Hetfield. 1. “Enter Sandman” – 5:29 2. “Sad but True” – 5:24 3. “Holier Than Thou” – 3:47 4. “The Unforgiven” – 6:26 5. “Wherever […]

Master Of Puppets

Metallica – Master of Puppets

Master of Puppets is the third studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on March 3, 1986. Track listing All lyrics written by James Hetfield. Side one 1. “Battery” – 5:12 2. “Master of Puppets” – 8:36 3. “The Thing That Should Not Be” – 6:37 4. “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” – 6:27 Side two 5. “Disposable Heroes” […]


Vote for Metallica Best Album!!!

This is discography of Metallica, a Los Angeles-based heavy metal band formed in 1981 by James Hetfield (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Lars Ulrich (drums). After several bassist and lead guitarist changes, the band settled on Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett, respectively. Metallica started playing locally, releasing their first widely circulated demo, No Life ’til […]



Metallica is an American heavy metal band based in San Rafael, California. The band was formed in 1981 in Los Angeles when vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield responded to an advertisement posted by drummer Lars Ulrich in a local newspaper. Metallica’s current line-up comprises founding members Hetfield and Ulrich, longtime lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert […]

Elio Rigonat

Elio Rigonat is a musician from Belgrade, Serbia. At the age of 16. Elio formed his first band Lethalik, which later grew into a bigger band Kobold, with Elio taking the role of composer, lead vocals, and guitar. Kobold has so far performed with the legendary Serbian acts such as Kuga, Nadimač, Rapid Force and […]