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Motörhead – Orgasmatron

Orgasmatron is the seventh studio album by the band Motörhead, released 9 August 1986.  It is the only full Motörhead album to feature Pete Gill on the drums, although he also played on the new tracks recorded for the previous 1984 compilation album, No Remorse.

The album’s working title was Ridin’ with the Driver and later changed to Orgasmatron; it was too late for Joe Petagno to change the cover art and the train design was used. As well as alluding to the original name of the album.

Track listing

Side A

1. “Deaf Forever” – 4:25
2. “Nothing Up My Sleeve” – 3:11
3. “Ain’t My Crime” – 3:42
4. “Claw” – 3:31
5. “Mean Machine” – 2:57
Side B

6. “Built for Speed” – 4:56
7. “Ridin’ with the Driver” – 3:47
8. “Doctor Rock” – 3:37
9. “Orgasmatron” – 5:27

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