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Motörhead – Iron Fist

Iron Fist is the fifth studio album by the band Motörhead, and was released 17 April 1982. It would be the last of the ‘classic’ line up of Kilmister, Clarke and Taylor. Iron Fist peaked at No. 6 on the UK album charts. It was preceded by the release of the title track “Iron Fist” as a single on 3 April, which peaked in the UK singles chart at #29.

A promotional film was made of the band dressed in studded leather armour and wielding broadswords, described by Lemmy as:

“..all dressed up as idiots, prancing about in a wood in South Mimms as opposed to prancing about in South Mimms dressed as cowboy idiots..” with Clarke adding that they looked “ a bunch of fairies prancing about with armour on… It’s very hard not to..”

Track listing

Side one

1. “Iron Fist” – 2:55
2. “Heart of Stone” – 3:04
3. “I’m the Doctor” – 2:43
4. “Go to Hell” – 3:10
5. “Loser” – 3:57
6. “Sex & Outrage” – 2:10
Side two

7. “America” – 3:38
8. “Shut It Down” – 2:41
9. “Speedfreak” – 3:28
10. “(Don’t Let ’em) Grind Ya Down” – 3:08
11. “(Don’t Need) Religion” – 2:43
12. “Bang to Rights” – 2:43

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