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Metasoma is a Rock/ Heavy Metal band from London and was founded in 2009 by Polish Guitarists Michal ‘’Misiek’’ Sedzielewski (Rhythm guitar) and Voytek Golbiak (Lead guitar). Since its conception, the band has experienced a few lineup changesuntil 2016 where it has settled on its current members. Proudly featuring the French powerhouse, Hugo Terva (Drums), “Agro“ from the southwest of England (Bass guitar) and the ever charismaticfrontman Vlad Iancu hailing from Romania (Vocals).


Metasoma generates music that is considered as a mixture of both American Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. For some, it might even be classified as NU Metal. In any case, many have even gone as far as to compare the group alongside such metal giants as Disturbed and System of a Down. The characteristics of Metasoma’s sound is generated using a combination of heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, unique and versatile growling, low and crushing basslines and precise groovy drumming.


Metasoma’s live shows are monsterous! There, you’ll find a great sound driven by passionate musicians who share a vibrant stage presence together; all with the focused intent of creating and maintaining a visceral and powerful connection with the crowd.


Metasoma has played many gigs throughout the UK; starting with a mini tour in 2010, through to gigs at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London andthe Underworld in Camden Town. More notable ventures, as of late, include two tours of Poland. The first of which a nine show headline tour in ten days, opening the Juwenalia festival in Lublin. The other a small tour supporting the critically aclaimed Polish giants, Night Mistress. Metasoma has also performed on the Sunday headline slot of the Breaking Bands Festival.

Metasoma’s awards include winning the Cooltura Festival in 2010, getting through to the semi-finals of the “Live and Unsigned” competition and even progressing to the national final of the Global Battle of the bands in 2011/2012. Metasoma has also supported bands like Sanctuary, Skreamer and Night Mistress to name but a few…

Metasoma’s releases include two EP’s, ‘Metal Erosion’ and ‘Dead Happy’, releasing later the widely praised album ‘Mirror of Life’ in 2014. It was this album that featured a more cultivated signature sound, taking the band forward. After three years of writing and contending with lineup changes, the band looks more fit than ever to release something after seemingly lying dorant. A video release of a new track titled “Just Breathe“ is due for a Septemeber 2017 release with its EP counterpart soon to follow. With these releases, Metasoma is hell bent on providing a deeply satisfying and interesting taste of what it has to offer once more. An album is being discussed for 2018 release…

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“Metasoma ‘Metal Erosion’ Gener: Metal Featuring a massive sounding production (courtesy of band guitarist, Michael Sedzielewski.) This five-track disc is an impressive and bruising first encounter.Four of the five songs are outstanding (‘Older’ suffers from not knowing what it wants to be and is the weakest cut on offer) but the awesome little track(featuring a fantastic vocal performance from singer Amro) the Velvet Revolver-esque ‘Rast A Peace’,’Lost My Way and the fabulous ‘I Am Me’ more than make up for it. Definitely a band to whatch out for. Mik Gaffney Power Play Magazine.” – Mik Gaffney – Power Play Magazine
“Those looking for angry, growly mid-tempo metal in the Godsmack mode are going to find plenty to love on Metasoma’s ‘Metal Erosion.'” – EdgeoftheWorld – Metal Underground

‘Mirror Of Life’-LP-Release Date: Mid-September 2014
”To summarise this album, it would be best to say that it carries enough depth for longevity; it’s played very well and incorporates plenty of their influences and personality. If I took a gamble and bought this album without hearing it, I’d find myself wiping my brow with relief that it delivers quality”- Gary ‘Rockulus’ Clarke – MetalTalk.Net


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