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Elio Rigonat is a musician from Belgrade, Serbia. At the age of 16. Elio formed his first band Lethalik, which later grew into a bigger band Kobold, with Elio taking the role of composer, lead vocals, and guitar. Kobold has so far performed with the legendary Serbian acts such as Kuga, Nadimač, Rapid Force and Alitor, as well as numerous foreign artists on festivals. In 2015. Kobold released its first EP which received high critical acclaims. In the middle of 2015. Elio suffered a heavy arm trauma, ending in surgery. During the time of the trauma, he joined a young metal band Merciful Angel and took on the role of a vocalist. He went on and performed live shows with an Ilizarov apparatus still attached on his arm, and has recorded a demo EP with the band, receiving praise for his unusually high-singing vocal style.

Elio Rigonat
Elio Rigonat

In Merciful Angel, Elio performed on the same stage with legendary bands Solstice and Thrash Or Die. After six months of being unable to hold an instrument, in 2016. Elio went and recorded Egregor I, his first solo release, taking the role of all instruments and vocals. It received praise in both Serbian and foreign metal magazines, having been called one of the most important releases of 2016. The release lead to the signing of a contract with one of the biggest Balkan metal labels – Miner Recordings. In late 2016. Elio recorded an EP for the band Vicery. In 2017. Elio announced the Kobold debut album, Merciful Angel debut album, and that Egregor II is in the making.

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Taken from the video recording session for the lead single – "Set Into Motion", that is soon to be released.Thank you Vuk Ninkovic for an amazing job!

Posted by Elio Rigonat on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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