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DREAMSENSE is a group of musical characters. They create a representation of theatrical imagery, closely intertwined in each composition they make you feel stunned, frightened, sometimes overwhelming feelings of hearts pulsating as one. Along with rich orchestral arrangements in the best traditions of symphonic metal. Powerful Guitar runs, profound vocals. All these merge together, that is DREAMSENSE.

The band founded in 2012 in Moscow. All feelings and life experiences were expressed in the music. The band’s creativities were greatly influenced by such bands as Nightwish, DimmuBorgir, AfterForever, WithinTemptation, as well as great classics and film music composers. Due to this the tonal emphases the richness of the orchestra and a vibrant savor of blackmetal. 2015 was fruitful for the band: the lineup was completed, the first recording and the first concert took place. The band has already performed several concerts with the following bands: Eluveitie, Харизма (Charisma), Андем (Andem), Witchcraft and Fiend.
Today the band is recording its debut album and along with that performs. In 2017 the band released its first single «Uncolored» which is available on iTunes and other media platforms.


George Ognev – Vocal, Songwriter

Olga Zaitseva – Keyboards, Songwriter

Iliya Dykin – Guitar

Stasey Savina – Guitar

Sergey Burdintsev – Bass

Viktor Grebenuk – Drums

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Photos taken during live perfomance at Glastonberry Pub (28th Feb 2018)#Emergenza #LiveShow #SymphoMetal #Symphonic_Metal #Dreamsense #Symphony_Metal

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