1992 In Heavy Metal Music

1992 In Heavy Metal Music All happenings in 1992. Newly formed bands, new albums and events. Here is our selection of some albums released in 1992. Vote for your favorite one. Newly formed bands in 1992 Black Label Society, Cruachan, Edguy, Esoteric, Evoken, Freak Kitchen, Gorgoroth, Graveland, Graveworm, Lordi, Machine Head, Mourning Beloveth, Moonspell, Necrophagist, P.O.D., […]

Vote for W.A.S.P. Best Album

W.A.S.P.  – Released August 17, 1984. The debut album by American heavy metal band W.A.S.P., known under three different names. On the original vinyl release had Winged Assassins printed on it, while early cassette releases of the album had the name of the album’s first track, “I Wanna Be Somebody”, printed in bold letters on the cover. The […]

1986 In Heavy Metal Music

Many subgenres of heavy metal developed outside of the commercial mainstream during the 1980s.  Thrash metal emerged in the early 1980s under the influence of hardcore punk and the new wave of British heavy metal. 1986 is a year of good metal albums. Accept – Russian Roulette, Russian Roulette is the seventh studio album by German […]

Top 10 May 2017

Top 10 May 2017  I love Heavy Metal Radio monthly Top 10 Song, presents the most greatest heavy metal songs. Every day at 0 am, 5 am, 10 am, 3 pm and 8 pm. Every month different song. Songs voting is here in the poll under this post.  


Vote for Metallica Best Album!!!

This is discography of Metallica, a Los Angeles-based heavy metal band formed in 1981 by James Hetfield (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Lars Ulrich (drums). After several bassist and lead guitarist changes, the band settled on Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett, respectively. Metallica started playing locally, releasing their first widely circulated demo, No Life ’til […]