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Name: Burn Down Eden
Based in: Berlin, Germany
Formed: 2014
Style Melodic Death Metal (containing thrash,black and technical nuances)
Label: Sliptrick Records/7Hard

Forst, a city lost deep in the german hinterland on the border with  Poland, lays heavily infested with heroin, crystal meth and the living  dead. It’s hardly suprising that Tom, Jules & William wanted to leave  the dark prospects of no future behind once the local music scene  started to die. They started to hone their Punk Rock roots, developing 
their skills, taking inspiration from the likes of Iron Maiden,  Slayer, Wintersun, Children of Bodom and Darkest Hour. As their  ambitions grew, so did their ability to master their instruments and  to reach people with their music.Separated through studies, but  united by minds, the guys met again in 2014 and recruited Robert and 
Niklas as their perfect diamonds in the rough, on Drums & Bass  respectively. Kai joined the Band in late 2015 as a new Vocalist. The  result: extremely pissed Melodic Death Metal; a demonic vortex of  raging Swedish riffs – rapid, technical leads, ruthless, impulsive  drumming, groovy basslines & hateful scolding…

Not wanting to sound like another soulless copy, Burn Down Eden  recorded their first EP “Memoirs of Human Error” at the bearded  motherfucker and studio-prodigy, Jan’s HIDDEN PLANET STUDIO in Berlin  in November 2014.

Burn Down Eden
Burn Down Eden

Contrary to the modern metal production overkill and in order to keep  their DIY roots, BDE decided to keep their drums untriggered, not to  overlay 10 guitar-tracks and not to filter the voice beyond  recognition. The album is no perfection in terms of production, but  palpable emotion will convince the listener. The conclusion is an 
unexpected kick to the groin. Not with the newest Nike Air but with a  mud-blurred no-Name Heavy Boot. Several shows were played during the  following period and the songwriting for their debut LP ran on full  speed.

In September 2016 the band released their first full length LP called  “Ruins of Oblivion” via Sliptrick Records and 7 Hard. “Ruins of  Oblivion” marks are strong technical and compositional progress and is  more focused and “on point” but the sound still stayed raw and  authentic. Burn Down Eden cements their own style with lots of heavy 
and complex riffing, beautiful, yet twisted melodies, pushing drums  and even some jazzy and classical nuances. The lyrics remain very  methaporic and feature topics like criticism about society over to  depression and the drug abuse coming along with it to handle the pain  up to hanging out with the guys and drinking tons of beer. „Ruins Of 
Oblivion“ received good reviews in the International Music Media and  even renowned German Magazines like Rock Hard and Legacy gave the  record good ratings.

In early 2017 Marco joined the Band on Bass and enriches the live  performance with backing growls and a tight playing.

In June 2017 the band will absolve the “Ruins of Oblivion Tour”  through Germany, Slovakia and Czech Rebublic..

Burn Down Eden
Burn Down Eden


Kai – Vocals
William – Lead Guitar
Tom – Guitar
Marco – Bass
Robat – Drums

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