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Band Promotion on I love Heavy Metal Radio


  • Free Promotion                       – 0$
  • Premium Promotion              – 5$
  • Super Premium Promotion  -10$


Free Promotion

Free promotion – one day  on the radio, 1 month on our website.

Premium Promotion

Premium Promotion –  every day (1 month), 3 months on our website + promotion on our fb fan page.

Super Premium Promotion

Super Premium Promotion –  every day on our radio (2 month), full time on our website and full promotion on our social network profiles.

How to get a promotion:

– Choose one offer

–  Contact us (add the offer in subject line)

– Wait for our answer

Meanwhile here what you will be asked to send us for the promotion:

For the radio:

– 3 mp3 songs (the best you got)

–  1 little jingle (example “we are ‘the band name’ and you are listening I love Heavy Metal Radio”)

For the website:

– Band Bio (short info)

– Band Pictures

– Members list

– Social links (fan pages etc..)

P.S. Everything that you want our fans to read about you!!!

Some of our best Jingle examples:

Special thanks to Elio Rigonat for making our himn

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    1. Hi there, please send us your email address with our contact form, we will talk there what u need to send us and other stuff. Cheers.

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