Slayer was formed in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, bassist and vocalist Tom Araya, and drummer Dave Lombardo. The group began by playing cover songs by bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest at parties and clubs in Southern California. The bands early image relied heavily on Satanic themes that featured pentagrams, make-up, spikes, and inverted crosses.Rumors that the band was originally […]

British Steel Or Painkiller

British Steel Or Painkiller     “British Steel” is the sixth album by Judas Priest, released on 14 April 1980. “Painkiller” is the twelfth studio album released in September 1990. The critical reaction to Painkiller has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from the metal community. On, the album holds an average score of 93% based on […]

Dio – Master of the Moon

Dio – Master of the Moon Master of the Moon is the tenth and final studio album by the American heavy metal band Dio. The album was released on September 7, 2004 in America through Sanctuary Records and August 30, 2004 in Europe through SPV Records. It was produced by Ronnie James Dio. Track listing […]

My 10 Favorite Covers #BliZZZarD

My 10 Favorite Covers #BliZzZaRd  10. “Rust in Peace” by Megadeth 09. “Rage Of Fire” by Redkey 08. “9” by Mercyful Fate 07. In War and Pieces by Sodom 06. “Dr. Stein” by Helloween 05. “Kings of Metal” by Manowar 04. “Surtur Rising” by Amon Amarth 03. “Master of Confusion” by Gamma Ray 02. “Master of the Moon” by Dio 01. “South of Heaven” by Slayer

Sepultura – Roots

Sepultura – Roots   Roots is the sixth studio album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura. It was released in Europe on February 20, 1996. It is the band’s last studio album to feature founding member and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Max Cavalera. Following the shift to slower tempos and Latin-tinged rhythms on the album Chaos A.D., […]

Sepultura – Arise

Sepultura – Arise   Arise is the fourth studio album by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, released in 1991. Upon its release, the album received top reviews from heavy metal magazines such as Rock Hard, Kerrang! and Metal Forces. Arise is considered Sepultura’s finest hour among longtime fans. While the music on Arise was mostly […]

Anthrax – Among the Living

Anthrax – Among the Living   Among the Living is the third studio album by American thrash metal band, Anthrax. It was released in March 1987, and was certified gold by the RIAA on July 31, 1990. The BBC has described the album as “arguably their big breakthrough”, and “often cited by fans as their […]