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Annihilator – Alice in Hell

Alice in Hell is the debut studio album by Canadian thrash metal band Annihilator, released on April 17, 1989.

Annihilator was a three-piece (Randy Rampage, Jeff Waters and Ray Hartmann) at the time of its recording in 1988. In addition to guitar, Waters provides bass and backing vocals on the album, produced it and wrote all the songs, with the exception of “Crystal Ann”. Anthony Brian Greenham and Wayne Darley are noted on the album’s insert as playing guitar and bass respectively, this was a mistake and they did not join Annihilator until after Alice in Hell was finished; Darley does, however, provide backing vocals on the album. Waters has explained in interviews the reason Greenham and Darley were listed in the credits was at the behest of Roadrunner.

Alice in Hell was the first of six Annihilator albums to feature songwriting contributions from former singer John Bates, who was credited as the (co-)writer of the songs “Alison Hell”, “W.T.Y.D.”, “Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade” and “Human Insecticide”.

To promote Alice in Hell, Annihilator supported Onslaught internationally on their In Search of Sanity tour, and Testament (along with Wrathchild America) in the United States on their Practice What You Preach tour. After the tour was over, the band began preparations for their next album Never, Neverland.

Track listing
1. “Crystal Ann” instrumental –  1:40
2. “Alison Hell” – 5:00
3. “W.T.Y.D.” (Welcome to Your Death) – 3:56
4. “Wicked Mystic” – 3:38
5. “Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade” – 3:33
6. “Word Salad” – 5:49
7. “Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II” – 4:32
8. “Ligeia” – 4:47
9. “Human Insecticide” – 4:50

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