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Accept – Balls to the Wall

Balls to the Wall is the fifth album by German heavy metal band Accept. Released December 5, 1983.  It is Accept’s only record to attain Gold certification in the US. The album’s title track became Accept’s signature tune and remains a metal anthem and trademark in the genre.

Track listings

Side one

1. “Balls to the Wall” 5:45
2. “London Leatherboys” 3:57
3. “Fight It Back” 3:30
4. “Head Over Heels” 4:19
5. “Losing More Than You’ve Ever Had” 5:04
Side two

6. “Love Child” 3:35
7. “Turn Me On” 5:12
8. “Losers and Winners” 4:19
9. “Guardian of the Night” 4:25
10. “Winterdreams” 4:45

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